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Supporters' Club
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Any Questions? Mail me
Clementina (Who used to run Sisten Irish Pub) with Mike
Josh Zeldin (Our friend and Guide in Florida) with Will
The Chicago Tafia
Clementina           Eddy                    Rob                           Zeka                       Bob                       Valerio                  Sukie
Greg in Chateau D'Oex saying
Zeka played with the band in Cardiff to see in 2005
Chris Bailey & Elaine (Friends from Old Conwy days)
Will's Mum
Jim Morrison (Will's Dad)
The magnificent Eddy Jay. Accordion player with the Dragons 2002 - 2005
VAlerio Maletti founder of Ethnoworld the Italian label for Celtic Bonding
Pat's cousin Tim starting supporting the Dragons when Pat played last Century
Clikc to e-mail Here Be Dragons
Tim played accordion with the band in Broadstairs & Cardiff in  2004
Nia Morgan checked to make sure the Welsh was correct for
Danny V from Bologna invited us to his house for meals before Estragon gigs. Homemade Lasagne - Magnifico!
Danny                     Didier                    George                     Gert          
Didier from Northern France
Doug and McCullough from Miniapolis. Doug shot the Video of
Lorenzo, Italian agent for the Dragons
Sue & Mike's brother John, we played at their wedding
Jo Coffi, Cliff's girlfriend who helps with merchandise when she comes to a gig
Gundula fiddler for the Dragons 1998 - 1999. She has come back and played with us from time to time.
Gert Van den Hoff - The Dragons No 1 Dutch fan
George, Press Gangs box player guested with the Dragons in 2004
Ellen                    Alain                      Ariadne
Ellen has our Logo tatooed on her back. Now that's dedication!
Ellen's tatoo
Sukie worked with our manager Peter Conway
Here Be Dragons Manager Peter Conway
Alain from Northern France
Ariadne, originally from Holland (Gert's Daughter) now a minister in Wales
Stephan             Lorenzo
CYC Promotions
Alain from Bayeux, France
Aurelie                  Michael                  Gundula
"Back To Barry Town"
Aurelie from Bayeux, France
Michael Collins, inspiration for
Siaran & Murphy the Cat
Richard          Siaran & Murphy
Richard Haynes, US Supporter
Lele                       Gerard                   Doug & McCullough    Monica                      Nick                         Nia                    Greg
Lele Roveri, great friend of Here Be Dragons owner of Estragon
Gerard Viel, friend from Bayeux (Aurelie's dad)
Monica from CYC Promotions, Italy
Nick Brooks, Mike's Brother with national vegitable of Wales
Modena City Ramblers     Snipper                 Tim                        Sisten Irish Pub
MCR                   Dragon Pics '02 - '04        Broadstairs '04                 Dragons at Sisten
Mike with Cisco & Massimo (Ice) from the Modena City Ramblers
Sisten Irish Pub, Novellara, Italy
Rob has played with the Dragons in two stints 2000 - 2001 and 2005 - 2008
Freind of the band in Cardiff. Bought us a curry after the Caerphily gig in 2004
Bob Rogers & Family with Will
Michel Dougoud Dragon friend and organiser of Party Time in Chateau D'Oex
Katie                      The Chicago Tafia                                  Michel                   Anne                     Bob                     Jim
See Here Be Dragons in Chicago 2007
Katie From Chicago met us at the Celtic Festival, Now our US Agent
Dragon Pics '04
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Josh                     Tim                     Chris & Elaine
Jo                         Sue & John           Peter Conway
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