Sean (M.Brooks)
I met Sean during a "Circle Line" pub crawl. The idea was to have a drink
at every stop on London Underground's Circle Line. 27 stops and the
drunkest I've ever been. Sean was one of the few of us who made it to the

I had a friend and his name was Sean
He was Dublin raised but Belfast born
He arrived in London on a dark grey morn
Thinking it the land of plenty
When we first met each other I was off me head
We talked of sport and politics and this is what we said
He'd support the green and I'd support the red
And we drank a toast or twenty

  Here's to you, Sean, wherever you may be
  May the spirits all protect you and keep you company
  Don't forget to look me up whenever you come back
  And once again we'll drink a toast to the hwyl and the craic

The doctor said young man you're on the brink
I seriously recomend you take some time to think
It's either die or else you give up drink
I hope you understand me
Sean said "We're all mortal doc
But the things you have told me has given me a knock"
He went out and to get over the shock
He downed half a bottle of brandy


One day I met Sean with his head in his hands
Contemplating yet another of his one night stands
Last night he'd met a girl from Woburn Sands
And told her he'd like to shaft her
She'd said OK and he's stayed the night
When he was drunk she'd looked all right
"Sure they're all the same when you turn out the light
But not the morning after"


When emigrating he filled out the forms all right
He went along to Earls Court and booked himself a flight
Touched down in Sydney in the middle of the night
g The Irish Rover
Stopped and said "Where the hell is this?"
He'd tried to get to Aukland but his flight he'd missed
That's what you get spending half your life pissed
And the other half hungover


(c) 1997 Katt Pie Records
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