Siobhan (M.Brooks)

Parting songs don't have to be sad. I guess it depends on
who's doing the leaving...

  On this bright Sunday morn
  I am greeting the dawn
  Of my life without you Siobhan

Good relationships are all give and take
I gave but you only took
The dreams that you promised are never fullfilled
So now I'm closing the book


So Siobhan you're out of my mind
I'm glad to be on my way
Once we were close now we're far apart
From now on that's how it'll stay


       I hated the way you used your power over me
       But that power is fading you're a memory
       You thought that I could never live without you
       But that's exactly what I'm going to do


(c) 1993 Katt Pie Records
This song is featured on the album:-
Alcohol & Rain