Slammed (M.Brooks)
When the Welsh rugby team won the Grand Slam in 2008 (Main European Championship)
many Welsh supporters got slammed (drunk) Including me

Rugby internationals are a good excuse for meeting and having a drink with people from
the other countries. You don't get any of the nastiness that sometimes sadly occurs with
European football (soccer).

I updated the song in 2012 when Wales won the Grand Slam again.

More in hope in expectation, off to Dublin we sped
But the Welsh defied the odds and put the Irish lads to bed
Celtic bonding on the black stuff, painting the town red
In a Temple Bar bar sang Ba Barbara Ann
Kilts and bagpipes came to Cardiff convinced that they would loose
But the first half showed the Scottish team didn't share their views
Whiskey on a Sunday – we got slammed

     Slammed Slammed ain't it grand?
     Slammed Slammed we got slammed
     Slammed Slammed caned and canned
     Wales won the slam, and we got slammed
To go to Twickenham as favourites was strange but good to see
And a seven point win, well that was fine by me
So to celebrate a Triple Crown, drank triple G & Ts
Several Triple Crown rounds downed to captain Sam
Danny came from Italy to watch his compete
But Wales ran out worthy winners and the Azzuri off their feet
We were dancing with tiddly Itais down St Mary's Street
Pironi out of plastic glasses – we got slammed


Deja vous, Facing France for the Grand Slam, again
Quarter of million in Cardiff for the game
The match was tough and tense, but we won it all the same
It was raining Champagne – we got slammed


(C) 2015 Katt Pie Records
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