Pictures   1998
Then we were off to Switzerland for "Party Time" in Chateau D'Oex.
1998 was the year when we first went abroad. We took the camera to Italy, Scotland and
Switzerland. Siaran took some pictures of us back home in Wales too (And at Estragon in Bologna
in November).

We didn't get pictures of all the gigs by any means, but a few good memories.
More Pictures from ITALY
On the way to Skye
Sisten Irish Pub
Publicity photos taken by
Siaran in Swansea Docks
At The Lemon Tree Aberdeen
Sisten Irish Pub
In the smallest FM radio staion in Europe, Ullapool
Our first trip to Italy was in March 1998. Our first gig was at Sisten Irish Pub in
In Bologna for the first time
Party Time!
Celebrating our first gig at Estragon Bologna
The "Highland Festival" then took us all over Northern Scotland
In The summer we played quite a few gigs in Wales
We toured Italy in November without the camera. Fortunately Siaran came
to Bologna and took a few photos with hers.
Celebrating our first gig at Estragon Bologna
Celebrating our first gig at Estragon Bologna
Greg, Pat, Will, Gundula and Mike
Here Be Dragons
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