Pictures   2002
Photo by Valerio
Italian tour March 2002
Spazio Musica in Pavia, Kyle has a beer
Ealing Countryside Day July 2002
We took a camera to most gigs in 2002. Here are a couple of
the Highlights..
Barmouth Festival July 2002
Italian tour August 2002
Pontardawe Festival August 2002
Tattihou Festival, France August 2002
We released "Celtic Bonding"
when in Pavia
Kyle is given a little
Mike with Clementina at
Sisten Irish pub, Novellara
Plugging the CD with live
radio in Milan
At Velvet Underground,
Castiglion Fiorentino
Kyle worries if the girls can
smell how sweaty he is, at
Estragon, Bologna
Will with our Italian
agent Lorenzo
The Barmouth Festival marked the first Dragon appearance of Eddy on accordion and a hat on Will's
Photo by Liz
Our only London gig of 2002 was in the "Countryside"
With Kyle away Cliff played bass
"Now this is what I call a venue!"
We played in "Ricordi de
Via Del Corso" in Roma.
Photo by Siaran Brooks
Gundula played fiddle at our
gigs in Castellano and Pavullo
Partyin' in an Inn in Pontardawe
Eddy & Cath in Pontardawe
Our first trip to France, "C'est
We had to get on a small
boat to the Island off
Photo by Nick Dunsford
Cliff twiddles some knobs
Photo by Nick Dunsford
Photo by Nick Dunsford
Dunedin Celtic Festival, Florida, USA November 2002
Photo by Annette Yanna
Gundula rejoined the Dragons for first US trip "Awesome!"
Photo by Josh
Photo by Josh
Photo by Annette Yanna
Cardiff, December 2002
Finally back to Wales back to the land of our fathers (except Will's)
Sacha becomes the new Dragon fiddler
Photo by Nick Brooks
Kyle, Will, Mike, Eddy and
Lock up your daughters
Here Be Dragons
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