Pictures   2003
Italian tour March 2003
Here are a couple of the Highlights from 2003.
Flag Of Saint David
Chateau Gontier, France, July 2003
St. David's Day, 1st March 2003, F3K in London, (England)
Alberto Cottica
joined us on
"Fisamonica" for a fun
St David's Party
Italian food, friends and drink
Sisten Irish Pub, Novellarra
In Bologna for the Peace Rally with our friends the Modena City Ramblers in front of a crowd 30,000
Tuscany, going back to the Velvet Underground in Castiglion Fiorentino and then to Due Lune in Trasimeno
Bologna, dinner at Danny's and a concert at Estragon.
Party Time in Chateau D'Oex, Switzerland, April 2003
Arezzo, Italy, June 2003
Sesiwn Fawr, Dolgellau,, July 2003
Sardinia and Frosinone, Italy, September 2003
Cardiff, Wales, September 2003
Minehead, England, September 2003
Party Time in the Swiss Alps. We met up with Alberto again, this
time with his band Fiamma Fumana.
Back to Stanstead airport then to Tuscany for a flying visit.
The Pasty Shop by St
John's Church
Chips in Caroline Street
With our third Accordion
player of the year. George.
Snipper, Will, Eddy, Kyle, Mike
Then a ferry trip to
A rare sighting of
Dragons in England
Here Be Dragons
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