Recordings no longer available
All Songs copyright control.
All Songs arranged by Here Be Dragons
1. Skull Attack
2. Hearts & Brains
3. Another Opportunity Missed
4. Liberator
5. Laura
6. Siobhan
7. The Hair Of The Dog that Bit Me
8. Rhiannon
9. Sosban Fach

(P) 1995 Katt Pie Records
(C) 1995 Katt Pie Records
1. Bracchi
2. Naill Ar Ol Llall
3. Ar Fy Mhen Fy Hun
4. Goodnighht Cariad

(P) 2000 Katt Pie Records
(C) 2000 Katt Pie Records
1. Lock Up Your Daughters
2. Hollol
3. The Senghenydd Explosion
4. Bracchi
5. Celtic Bonding

Bonus Tracks
6. Hearts & Brains
7. The Hair Of The Dog That Bit Me
8. Goodnight Cariad (Live)

(P) 2001Katt Pie Records
(C) 2001 Katt Pie Records
Our Original tape. Particularly popular in Conwy in Wales. Most of the songs were re-recorded
for '
Alcohol & Rain'.
It had been a couple of years since we had released "Alcohol & Rain" so we recorded this ep.

All four songs later appeared on
"Celtic Bonding" in different (We think much better) forms.
The first five songs later appeared on 'Celtic Bonding'. Tracks  6 and 7 are from 'Gargling With
Brains'. The live track is the only one not on other recordings. The studio version of
'Goodnight Cariad' is on
'Celtic Bonding'
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1. The Modena Rambler / Rhamp Penllyn
2. Bracchi
3. Alcohol & Rain
4. The Senghenydd Explosion
5. Hiraeth
6. Catrin's Sister
7. Lock Up Your Daughters
8. Celtic Bonding
9. Galway Rose
10. Milgi Milgi
11. Hollol
12. I'm Not Drunk
13. Sosban Fach
14. Goodnight Cariad

(P) 2005 Katt Pie Records
(C) 2005 Katt Pie Records
This wasn't available in any shops but was sold as a limited edition to the band's mailing list in
2005.  It's an "official bootleg" of the bands memerable first trip to France in August 2002.
1. The Modena Rambler / Rhamp Penllyn
2. Bread Of Heaven
3. Tri Peint O Gwrw
4. Cyfri'r Geifr
5. I'm Going To Llandrindod Wells
6. Mountain Mary
7. Bella Ciao
8. Laura
9. Back To Barry Town / Glamorgan Hornpipe
10. The Caroline Street Strut

(P) 2014 Katt Pie Records
(C) 2014 Katt Pie Records
Allez les Blues)
Demo version of songs from the 2014 set list. This was a very limited release. Only available
for those buying tickets a Cardiff gig that November.
Curry & Chips    (KPRCD 1013)
Allez Les Blues" was the official song of the Cardiff Blues Supporters club to celebrate the
team getting to the Amlin Cup final in Marseille and to cheer them on to their success in
lifting that trophy.

It was available for a limited period for download only. If you want to hear the song you can
follow the Youtube link
1. Alez Les Blues

(P) 20
10 Katt Pie Records
(C) 20
10 Katt Pie Records